Jake Holden Has Gone Ballistik!

Ballistik Motorcycle Apparel is proud to welcome our newest rider to the family for the 2012 race season: Pro AMA racer Jake Holden & Evan Steel Performance.

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BR-PRO Race Gloves

We have created possibly the most advanced motorcycle racing glove on the market today. Comfortable, sharp, and extremely protective...

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Attack Suit in Action

c1 suit

See our new Ballistik Attack track suit in action! Click on the photo above to watch the video and learn more about the suit design and all of it's protection features.

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Welcome to Ballistik Motorcycle Apparel

Here at Ballistik, we design and manufacture possibly the best motorcycle racing apparel for both street and track use. All of our one-piece race suits, gloves, and jackets are designed by experienced track riders, along with AMA racers. Built on a foundation of both experience and knowledge, Ballistik provides our customers with top-notch protection at reasonable prices. We spared no expense, nor time, at the drawing board, and we implement all of our custom protection systems into each and EVERY product that we sell. Utilizing materials such as kangaroo skin, stingray, and high quality leather, we can ensure you'll feel much more confident on the track in knowing you have the ultimate in slide and impact protection. We emphasize all of our designs on not only protection, but comfort as well. Try on any of our products and you'll see why so many people have already made the switch to Ballistik.

"Ride The Limit, We'll Keep You Covered!"

At Ballistik Motorcycle Apparel, all of the employees and designers are riders - both track and street. Therefore, we know exactly how riding apparel should fit and we strive to provide as much high-grade protection in our products while keeping them light and comfortable. All of our racing suits and gloves are designed to greatly reduce rider fatigue, which is extremely important to each and every rider. This way, you can be confident in knowing that by the third or fourth track session, you'll have enough juice left in you to crush the competition.

Crashing Sucks - Injuries Suck More

Along with being comfortable and stylish, our race suits & gloves incorporate some of the best protection designs of anyone else around. We've taken an ordinary suit design and turned it into a lightweight wearable bomb shelter!

MotoGP crash• Actual Kevlar is used throughout our race suits, not the low-grade knock-off stuff
that other manufacturers use in theirs.
• Temper Foam inserts also allow our race suits to mold to your body, reducing
bunching, pinching, and snagging.
• High impact, top-of-the-line Urethane and Carbon Fiber inserts protect you from
those unforeseen impacts.
• Stingray inserts throughout the race suits and gloves help keep your fingers and
limbs from catching while in a slide.

Race Proven & Crash Tested

Styling and coloring options are important, but not as important as personal safety and protection. Not only have our race suits and gloves been proven to be among the most comfortable products on the market, but they have also passed numerous crash tests as well. See how well our gear holds up through nasty spills here.